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Our hydrogen storage technology can enable various applications across the energy and transportation sectors.

How do we use Atomic Precision to Enable the Hydrogen Economy?

Hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe, making it extremely challenging to store and transport efficiently. Our founding scientists are designing exotic nanomaterials with atomic precision to tackle the challenging properties of hydrogen molecules.

Long Term Storage Of Hydrogen

Our hydrogen storage technology is ideal for long-term hydrogen storage because it doesn’t require liquefaction or high pressure. Liquid hydrogen boils off and evaporates over time, even when costly storage systems with thermal isolation are used. Also, because our storage technology operates at significantly lower pressure, large storage tanks can be designed at lower cost than high-pressure large storage tanks.

A lab photo of hydrogen compression.

Storage Of Hydrogen During Long Haul Transports

The long-distance transport of hydrogen fuel is one of the most critical and challenging requirements for enabling the hydrogen economy. Our storage technology can be potentially scaled to provide high-volume storage during transport at ambient temperature and low pressure, thus saving the industry the cost of liquefaction of hydrogen and the cost of high-pressure storage tanks.

An image of a tractor trailor.

Hydrogen As Fuel For Transportation

Decarbonizing the transportation sector is one of the most critical actions that must be taken to achieve carbon neutrality. Equipping transportation vessels with reliable, cost-effective and safe hydrogen storage technology is a pre-requisite for realizing hydrogen as a clean fuel for the transportation sector. Our storage technology is providing a “light at the end of the tunnel” for achieving efficient hydrogen storage at low pressure and under ambient temperature.

An image of a container ship on the ocean.
For Light-Duty Vehicles
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Our storage technology is especially effective for light-duty vehicles that return back to base on daily basis, like mail delivery fleets, intra-campus shuttles and so on. These types of light-duty vehicles don’t require a large amount of hydrogen fuel as they can be recharged on daily basis.

For Heavy-Duty Vehicles
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Our hydrogen storage technology is ideal for this category of vehicles, as heavy-duty vehicles like buses, trucks, earth-moving machines, etc, can accommodate larger size storage systems, where our technology cuts the wasted energy on high-pressure compression or hydrogen liquefaction.

An image of 2 trucks driving down a rural highway.
For Ships
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Hydrogen-powered ships of different sizes can also benefit from our storage technology, as ships can also accommodate large size hydrogen storage systems. Our technology cuts the energy wasted on compression and liquefaction every time a ship needs to refuel.