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We are deploying decades of discoveries and inventions by two of the most influential scientists in the world to solve the hydrogen storage challenge.


Our Mission

To design and develop durable and efficient solid-state hydrogen storage solutions that work under ambient temperatures and low pressure, by deploying the latest advancements in the field of molecularly engineered materials.

Our Promise

We are committed to the decarbonization of our planet by enabling the hydrogen economy, we are doing this by developing hydrogen storage solutions designed with atomic precision.

Our Values

Precision – We focus on every detail, from every angle.
Courage – We challenge conventions with creativity.
Integrity – We do what’s right for the planet.
Sustainability – We create solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our R&D Facilities

Our R&D laboratories in Irvine, California, are built to design, develop, measure, and analyze novel nano materials with atomic precision. Our R&D team is operating some of the most advanced experimental setups in the world to emulate and stress-test our solid-state hydrogen storage technologies.


H2MOF also has joint R&D collaboration with the worldclass research teams of Professor Fraser Stoddart at Northwestern University and Professor Omar Yaghi at the University of California – Berkeley.


Our R&D facilities and headquarters are located in Irvine, California. We also have a regional commercial office in Dubai.

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