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‘The holy grail of the Hydrogen Economy’: H2MOF’s co-founders featured in CNBC

This article was originally published on on February 15, 2024.

Thanks to CNBC journalist SAM MEREDITH for taking the time to discuss with our founders about the biggest challenge of the hydrogen economy: hydrogen storage. Read the full article on

‘The holy grail’: Startup backed by a Nobel laureate vying for a breakthrough on hydrogen storage

A California-based startup backed by two pioneering scientists, one of whom is a Nobel laureate, believes it is on the cusp of a “quantum leap” in the hydrogen energy race.

H2MOF, which was co-founded in 2021, is working to develop a solution for hydrogen storage by deploying the latest advancements in the field of molecularly engineered materials. It says a breakthrough in what it regards as the greatest challenge facing the hydrogen economy is just a matter of time.

“The production of hydrogen, as far as I’m aware, is a settled problem,” Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016 and one of the co-founders of H2MOF, told CNBC via videoconference.

“There are ample efficient ways of producing hydrogen. The big challenge that remains is to store it in a manner that stores a lot of it at low pressures and ambient temperatures.” Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart said. “I am confident that one way or another we will get there of course.” (…)

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