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‘Solving the hydrogen storage problem through reticular chemistry’

This article was originally published on on May 13, 2024.

Thanks to Power Engineering International journalist PAMELA LARGUE  for having a conversation with our CTO, Dr Neel Sirosh, and our VP of Business Development, Magnus Bach, about H2MOF’s molecularly engineered materials for solid-state hydrogen storage. Read the full article on

‘Solving the hydrogen storage problem through reticular chemistry’

When Nobel Laureate and Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart and Professor Omar Yaghi joined forces to solve challenges associated with energy transition, focusing specifically on hydrogen storage, it was clear from the outset that this partnership could produce magic.

In 2021, these two great chemistry scientists co-founded H2MOF, which aims to use novel materials called MOFs or Metal–Organic Frameworks for solid-state hydrogen storage.

A scientific breakthrough in this field could have a far-reaching impact on the decarbonisation of our energy systems, which is why Dr Neel Sirosh, CTO at H2MOF, and Magnus Bach, Vice President of Business Development, are inspired by the opportunity to work on such a critically important challenge with people they refer to as “some of the sharpest minds on earth”. (…)

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